Prof. Mahmood Shoukat

Message from the ChairMan of Board of Governors

It is my privilege and pleasure, as ChairMan BOG, to welcome you to the official website of Mayo Hospital Lahore. The philosophy of Mayo Hospital Lahore is to implement safe, leading-edge medical care and to develop industrious medical professionals who are motivated by human kindness. To uphold this philosophy, the hospital has set the subsequent targets: to practice holistic medical aid with respect for human dignity; to develop and promote advanced medical care; to foster medical personnel with high ethical standards; and to contribute to the national healthcare and society. Being the leading tertiary care hospital of Pakistan, we are engaged in dispensing medical aid to all and sundry without bias, whilst upholding the continuous development of research and education.

Our hospital provides integrated medicine with extensive inter-departmental liaison, where all the staff works towards an equivalent goal of delivering advanced medical treatment without fault. It is a challenge to keep pace with the fast-growing technology and rapid advancement in Health Care. The challenge is well accepted by Mayo Hospital to supply the best health care while keeping in regard the values amongst our committed Medical, Nursing and Paramedical Staff. We drive hard by constantly acquiring newer knowledge and skills, and upgrading ourselves to keep abreast with postmodern technology. We’ll always implement our hospital's philosophy, working closely to supply safe, high-quality medical treatment to everyone who visits. We envisage through continual support of Government the provision of our facilities to each individual of the community without fail.

We hope that our website proves helpful to you.